Vaccine Detox Course

Vaccine Detox Course

This is a paid course, with approval from the supervising Instructor/Practitioner.  Contact us for more information about enrollment

The Vaccine Detox Course is for parents of children or adults who have any recent or past vaccine injury(ies) from any vaccine.  This Course teaches highly effective homeopathic detox methods and mineral rebalancing to help to efficiently remove injected toxins and heavy metals based on homeopathic methods.  Vaccine Detox Programs are available for those who complete this course for infants, children and adults with vaccine injuries or adverse reactions to any single vaccine or a combination of vaccines.

Completing a Vaccine Detox Program after this course has been completed typically takes about 6 consecutive months, but in very severe cases 12 months may be required.  All childhood vaccines can often be addressed in a single rebalancing cycle all together as a combination detox, usually in about 6 months. Vaccine Detox Programs are available for any vaccine(s) given at any time  in the past, at any age.

About The Vaccine Detox Course and Program

  • Course Cost: Contact us for pricing.
  • The Course fee does not include the cost of monthly supervision services or the homeopathic remedies required for this detox cycle.
  • Course Duration: 8  to 10 hours online, done from home at your convenience.
  • The course fee includes a 2 hour Skype consultation to customize the Program for the person with an expert Course Instructor/Homeopathic Practitioner.
  • Completion:  This course must be completed within 30 days from enrollment.
  • Enrollment Procedure:  Requires the completion of a detailed Brief Medical History for acceptance into this Course and Program.  The completion of a Vaccine Calculator per person enrolled is also part of this procedure.
  • Detox Method Timeline: It takes about 6 months to prepare for and to  complete a Vaccine Detox cycle.  All of the children’s vaccines may be cleared all together in this same time period.
  • Monthly Care Supervision Fee: Ongoing monthly fees apply per month for about 6 months for Course Instructor/Homeopathic Practitioner access and support. Contact us for pricing details.

 Homeopathic detox protocols, hair testing and targeted nutrient supports.

More Details About The Vaccine Detox Course and Program

  • This course is available for new clients living in the USA.
  • The Course takes about 8 hours to complete online.
  • Completing an online Vaccine Calculator to calculate the total aluminum and other toxic excipients that will be given.
  • A review of the vaccines given and the recommendation of the best order to detox the vaccine(s) either as a group or individually.
  • Fees are charged for the duration of the program until all vaccines detox cycles are completed.
  • The required homeopathic remedies that help the body to clear the toxic vaccine ingredients are at an additional fee.
  • Enrolled clients will have access to purchase the required homeopathic remedies.
  • The Vaccine Detox Program is for those those with prior adverse reactions to one or more vaccines.
  • The monthly fees do not include the cost of hair testing (HTMA), or the required nutritional supplements or homeopathic remedies.
  • This program requires ongoing supervision from the Course Instructor / Homeopathic Practitioner and services are email based.
  • Written dosing instructions are provided and a detailed online reporting is required to track progress in this program.
  • The Course includes specific vaccine detox protocols that have been used with hundreds of cases of vaccine related injuries and many year of practice expertise in this area.
  • The Vaccine Detox Course and Program program covers a broad range of various types of health issues connected to vaccine(s) toxicity, including anxiety, an ADHD, Autism or PANDAS/PANS diagnosis, emotional issues, gastrointestinal issues, neurological dysfunctions and immune system functions.
  • Homeopathic rebalancing methods help the body to reduce and remove injected heavy metals and toxins.  The results are improved health, reduced symptoms of toxicity and improved overall immune system function.

Vaccines That Can Be Detoxed Include Any Of The Following, In Any Combination, Given At Any Age:

  • Anthrax
  • DTaP, DT
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIB
  • Gardasil
  • Influenza
  • Meningitis
  • MMR and MMR II – Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  • MMR-V – Measles, Mumps, Rubella + Varicella
  • Pneumococcal
  • Polio
  • Rabies
  • RhoGAM injections
  • Rotavirus
  • Shingles
  • Tetanus – Tdap, Td
  • Tropical Vaccines – including for Ebola, Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Smallpox, Typhoid Fever and/or Yellow Fever
  • Varicella
  • Vitamin K injections
  • Etc.

What Your Learn In the Vaccine Detox Course

  1. About the homeopathic detox remedies that are used for a vaccine injury are highly effective and non-toxic.
  2. How remedies are used to help the body detox the vaccine ingredients and excipients that caused the original damage or injury.
  3. How this homeopathic method of doing a Vaccine Detox has been used to provide help the body reverse vaccine injury or vaccine damage and reduce the harmful overall effects of a vaccine or combination of vaccines.
  4. Why a minimum of 6 months is normally needed to prepare the body to detox and to clear a single vaccine.  The childhood vaccines as a combination can also be detoxed in this time frame.
  5. How constitutional homeopathy is also used to support the detox pathways  for a more efficient process.
  6. Specific nutrient therapies are included in the Vaccine Detox Program help to simultaneously to increase essential nutrients that are missing or severely low in those with vaccine injuries.
  7. How additional therapeutic detoxification methods are also used to support the body to detox heavy metals and the toxic ingredients of the vaccines are also used.
  8. Why a HTMA – hair tissue mineral analysis is also recommended in order to evaluate the exact tissue levels for 34 essential minerals, 8 heavy metals and 7 significant mineral ratios that identify overall health status.

Testimonials From Vaccine Detox Course and Program Clients

DTaP Detox and Global Improvements

“He received DTaP as a single shot at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 12 months (we did not bundle his shots).  At the age of 7, we began the homeopathic clearing for DTaP. What requires a minimum of 12 weeks took him just over 11 months to complete.  His response to the clearing was significant.  

In the weeks following detox completion, he began mastering an array of fine motor skills and achieving missed developmental markers from the 2 months to 18 months age period – this included exhibiting some infantile behavior: 

  1. For instance, while reading him a book, to which he was actually paying attention (huge improvement!), he suddenly jumped up, ran to the stairs and began to scoot up and down the stairway on his bum.  
  2. Later, he stood in the backyard studying a ball.  He then kicked it!  And watched it bounce.  
  3. He regularly has “tummy time” on his ball while outside.  After the 2nd D-tap shot at 4 months old, he became quite averse to “tummy time.”
  4. His ability to feed himself has been an ongoing issue; however, he fully mastered the fork and spoon in 2 days just one week after completing this detox. 
  5. He is completely nonverbal; yet, in the weeks following this detox, he discovered his voice and began complex babbling – not the previous guttural utterances.  He now says an exaggerated “Yay!” – which, according to my husband, sounds just like how I say it.  These verbal progressions followed his spending lengthy sessions on the couch playing with his feet and hands while lying on his back.  A happy baby, indeed.  Robert quit playing with his hands and feet around 10 months old. 
  6. His determination to assert his independence is on a major upswing.  The passive, unresponsive boy is gone.  A charming, funny, engaged little guy is here.  
  7. He regularly suffered from migraines and GI issues for most of his life.  These are things of the past.  Thank You, Lord!
  8. Now, when we find him crawling, scooting, discovering his fingers and toes, playing with his shadow, admiring himself in the mirror, and sharing his blessed babble, we thank The Lord that his brain is healing and awakening – and we await the next burst of progress.  
  9. His current attempts at opening doors, dressing himself, cleaning up after himself, and mocking our behaviors are on warp speed.  His babble involves more consonants daily.  It sounds more and more like actual words.  Command response is through the roof.  He solves problems on his own.  His love of the outdoors is fantastic, and he actively enjoys playground equipment.
    And, it’s only getting better.  Thank you!

Mother of boy age 9 with autism, Alabama, USA. May 2021


Skills Improvements In Boy With Autism

“He wants to be around people and do things with his extended family. Actually seeking out these events and looks forward to them.  He’s able to sit in a restaurant and enjoy a meal for an extended amount of time.  This is huge in terms of a functional life skills and a very good improvement. These are home runs for us!  It makes our lives more “normal!””

Mother of a 4 year old boy with Autism, doing a homeopathic detox, Utah, USA. February 2021.


DTaP Vaccine Detox and Significant Progress

“My 8 year old son recently completed the DTaP detox.  His single shots of DTaP were given at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 12 months.  By his 18 month birthday, he was missing developmental markers.  We were advised by the Homeopath advised this homeopathic clearing would be profound and deep.  Indeed, the detox took our boy 10 months and 10 days to complete.  Essentially, all of 2020 from mid-January through late November.  

In the days and weeks following completion, our boy began showing significant progress, most especially in the missed developmental markers of the 12-18 month range:  more coordination, mastering use of both hands in daily and more advanced activities, increased engagement/awareness, heightened global comprehension, ability to follow complex commands, improved/more frequent speech attempts, and more. 

Ten months, ten days.  Previous detoxes required a fraction of this time, but we are quite thankful we “listened” to our son’s aggravations and went slow and easy.  His happiness, participation and advancements are priceless.  His continued improvement is so very worth the time!

DTaP Detox, Mom of son with autism, USA, December 2020


Vitamin K Detox In A Girl With Autism

“I honestly did not realize either how much the vaccine injury has affected our family, but the Lord knew.  I believe that is why He led us to you. I also honestly don’t know how well homeschooling would have gone with her his year if she had not done any detoxes under your supervision. I am enjoying homeschooling so much (NEVER imagined I would!) and it has brought purpose and fulfillment in my life! She s learning, growing, and understanding, and it has truly been a joy to watch this first hand!”

Vitamin K Vaccine Detox, Mom of two, Tennessee, September 2020


Amazing Progress in Speech Gains

“Teddy (age 2.5) is continuing to thrive in his speech! Everyone we know and that sees him is absolutely amazed with his progress. We are so so happy and relieved. I am no longer stressed about him and his future or his needs which is great.”

DTaP Vaccine Detox, Mom of 4, Pennsylvania, USA, October 2019


Eczema Reversed In Child Born Of Mother With Gardasil Injury

“Aiden is doing really well. We are still waiting on 1 molar to come in, but the rashes are SLOWLY disappearing!! It’s pretty incredible. He still has small/light patches of dry skin and light redness, but he is not as bothered by those areas as he was. I’m so grateful for your help and thankful that it’s finally almost gone!”

Mom with Gardasil before conception, of toddler with full body eczema, New York, USA.  September 2019.


Gardasil Vaccine Recovery In Young Woman

“I’ve been using homeopathy for the past few years for acute settings in my family, however I needed more assistance and guidance with helping my daughter with her anxiety. Teodora is a 20 years old and she was fully vaccinated (prior to learning about homeopathy) She had anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, dysmenorrhea (horrible menstrual cramps), insomnia, dizziness. We took the Vaccine Detox Course and started the protocol for Gardasil Detox, and I’m glad we did!

Within six weeks on the protocol and supplements recommended I saw tremendous change in my daughter. Her insomnia has completely gone, her menstrual cycle has improved (no cramps and blood clots), her anxiety and OCD has improved and she is able to handle stress much better.

The Course Instructor/Homeopathic Practitioner has been so helpful throughout this process not just with homeopathy, but for my emotional support as well I am forever grateful for all her help and for sure will stay in contact for any further assistance needed.”

Gardasil Vaccine Detox, Mom of 2 adult daughters, New York, USA.  June 2019.


Autism Recovery In A Preschool Girl

My daughter was born in December of 2015 in Michigan, USA. Her delivery was very normal and she was born without complications. Her first year of birth, she was progressing perfectly. She slept well and drank breast milk without any issues. She received her vaccination shots as per doctor’s advise, sometimes **up to 4 on a single day on both her thighs**. Shortly after her first year shots, she developed extreme constipation, doctors brushed that as off as because of introducing milk. 1 month after, she received in advance her 18 months shots and she REGRESSED HORRIBLY.

She did not speak a single word between 18-24 months. Due to her frustration in not able to express herself she also started to head bang, she was lost in her own world, not responding to her name, toe-walking. The pediatrician referred her for an autism diagnosis soon after. It is every parent’s worst fear and sadly is very, very common now due to the influx of vaccine toxins into fragile body and minds.

Soon we started bio-medical approach and started her with day care and speech therapy, we supplemented her with vitamins and she developed a few words. She had a lot of issues in communication, interacting with peers, not answering questions, not potty trained among other issues. She has no digestive issues and eats and drinks everything without any discomfort.

We heard about homeopathy care for autism, CEASE therapy and found this website and contacted the Practitioner. She did a initial evaluation of my daughter according to her temperament and we started with vaccine detox. The therapy has improved her TREMENDOUSLY!

She improved in her social skills, eye contact, speech and interaction with others and memory. Most importantly she was potty trained during the day finally at 3.5 years. She initiates conversation with us, plays with us and other children, has imaginative play. Also she has a LOT more vocabulary now. She talks continuously and also has learnt a few words in our language. We would have never though she would develop words in a second language! We did not imagine she had a talkative personality!!

We like the fact that there are no side effects and the detox is gentle for her and we see results in short cycles of 12 weeks. We are on our second detox cycle, and we are continuously seeing progress. We hope to help our daughter lead a normal life. Thank you very much for giving us hope for the future.”

Childhood Vaccines Detox, Mother of an Indian preschool girl, California, USA  October 2018


Positive Changes In A Boy With Autism After Childhood Vaccine Detox

“We are thrilled with his progress!  He is a sweet, lovable, funny guy.  We are so hopeful for him and his future.  He will have a chance at life – when it matters.  These days, his childhood is happy.  His healing journey is steadily trucking along.  He’s a little onion with many, many layers.  They’re peeling back, though!”

Childhood Vaccines Detox, Mother of vaccine injured 6 year old with Autism, USA.  July 2018.


Multiple Improvements In A Girl After MMR Detox

“She is doing really well. She is calling us whenever she wants, trying to spend more time with us. Eye contact has improved. When she has mood for it, she can communicate for long periods of time. Responding to name has improved. Back in December 2018, I remember my in-laws ask me to stay in room and wait till she calls me. I stayed in room but she never called me. Now in August, she is calling us “Mama”, Papa” very very frequently. Her vocabulary has improved a lot. Words like “I am not able to find it”, “amazing”, “can you fix this for me”, “put this up the wall”. Singular and plural, “both” etc. She is almost potty trained. She wears diapers only when sleeping even in day care.”

MMR Vaccine Detox, Mother of a girl age 3.5, California, USA.  May 2018


Vaccine Reactions Reversed

“I appreciate all the support you have given us this past year for my children’s vaccine injuries.  Your program goes above and beyond that of any Practitioner we had ever worked with.  We will forever be grateful!”

Childhood Vaccines Detox, Mother of two children with vaccine reactions, Arizona, USA.  February 2018.


MMR Detox In A Toddler

“He’s done so well now that they are retesting him next week to probably graduate him out of the physical therapy program. He was supposed to be in it for 6 months and we’re less than 3 months in!”

MMR Vaccine Detox, Mother of vaccine injured toddler, Florida, USA. October 2017.


Progress In ADHD Girl After A DTaP Detox

“My daughter is no longer a “problem child”. She’s just a child, and a healthy one too! I know that homeopathy, and expert usage of it, is what has brought her to where she is today. Most impressive, though, is her attitude and maturity.  She is happy, socially successful, well directed, and a hard worker.”

DTaP Vaccine Detox, Mother of vaccine injured ADHD girl, Louisiana, USA. July 2017.


Flu Shot Detox Improvements

“Our son is back to us, the way God created him to be before the toxic chemicals ravaged his body.  His life is forever changed because we put our faith in the ability of homeopathy to guide his body through the healing process.”

Flu Shot Vaccine Detox, Mother of boy with Autism, California, USA. May 2017.


Toddler Girl With Speech Improvements After Her Vaccine Detox

“She is progressing in her recovery well. She is potty trained during the day for both no 1 and no 2. She is using a lot more words and is getting more expressive. More playful with pet, more social with peers.”

Childhood Vaccine Detox, Mother of toddler girl with injuries, Texas, USA. March 2017


Girl With Improvements After MMR Vaccine Detox

“Thank you for the healing, it helped her tremendously!  She is going to normal Montessori school and I don’t hear any complaints any more from her teachers.”

MMR Vaccine Detox, Parents of a girl with injuries, California, USA.  February 2017.



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