Homeopathy For Hayfever

Homeopathy For Hayfever

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Homeopathic Remedies for Hay Fever

The intensity of hay fever symptoms varies from person to person. Still, if you or anyone you know suffers from hay fever, you’ll understand how miserable it can be – the sore red itchy eyes, runny nose, itchy throat and mouth, congestion, sneezing and sinus pain. Some people also get itchy skin rashes and hives.

Regardless of how intensely you feel it, hay fever can be a bit of a pain, to say the least, and some of us approach spring and summer with a tinge of dread as we size up to the inevitable discomfort of it all.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many of us reach for antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays to relieve our symptoms.

The problem is that repeatedly suppressing these symptoms increases the risk of more severe illnesses like asthma or eczema. It also means that you may never resolve the hay fever as the underlying cause is not addressed.

But there are natural aids and solutions, including homeopathy, which can work both acutely and chronically (for long-term results, seek constitutional treatment with a qualified homeopath during the winter months).

Here are our top 10 homeopathic remedies for hay fever:

Allium Cepa – Predominantly affects the nose with lots of watery catarrh and sneezing

Imagine what it’s like when you chop up an onion. It can feel like someone’s turned on a tap as your nose and eyes start to run with a thin, watery discharge. Your eyes sting, and you might sneeze a lot too. This is how you can feel if you need Allium Cepa, as it’s made from the onion. Take this remedy if you have a sore, raw, watery, runny nose that irritates the skin on your upper lip. You might have a dull, heavy, congested headache and feel sleepy and foggy. You might also feel better for open-air and worse in a warm room.

Arundo – Itching and burning

Arundo is a well-known hay fever remedy. Take it if your symptoms start with burning and annoying itching on the roof of your mouth, in your eyes, and nostrils. You may also have pain at the root of your nose with sneezing and clear mucus.

Arsenicum – Sneezing, coughing and burning, stinging mucus

If you have burning eyes and red, sore skin around your nose from acidic, irritating mucus, try Arsenicum Album. You might sneeze and sneeze without much relief. The hay fever can make you cough, and you might get a tight, wheezy chest and have shortness of breath. Your symptoms can worsen around midnight, and you might feel chilly and anxious.

Euphrasia – Sore, itchy, puffy, streaming, gritty eyes 

Also known as Eyebright, this is the remedy for you if you have profusely watering eyes with stinging, burning tears and lots of runny mucus from your nose. Your sensitive eyes can water more in the sunlight, but you generally feel better after getting outside in the open air. Your nose runs during the day but gets blocked at night, and you suffer from headaches that feel like your head will burst.

Mixed Pollens – A great all-rounder – take it to reduce sensitivity

This combination remedy contains a mixture of grasses, cereals, blossoms, trees, weeds, and flowers. Take it once weekly in a 30c potency, a month or so before hay fever season kicks in. It may help desensitise you, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much your symptoms have reduced. Consequently, acute remedies will work even more effectively.

Natrum Mur – Lots of sneezing, loss of smell and taste, desire for salty foods

If the sunlight makes you sneeze and your eyes water, itch and burn, reach for Nat Mur. You’ll have lots of thin, watery catarrh like raw egg white if you need this remedy and a loss of smell and taste. You might also find it interesting that Natrum Mur is made from common salt, so if you want salty foods and this is your remedy, you’re craving what you need. Isn’t homeopathy wonderful?

Nux Vomica – Like a bear with a sore head, cranky and impatient

If you need Nux Vomica, you might be feeling pretty grumpy and irritable. Your nose can get stuffed up, particularly at night and outdoors, and it can get blocked on one side. You’re more likely to have a runny nose during the day with a lot of sneezing, and you can feel wheezy. You might fancy spicy, strong flavoured foods but feel worse for overeating.

Pulsatilla – Thick, bland, yellow discharge 

Take this if you feel better in the open air and worse in a stuffy room. You’ll have a thick, yellow discharge from your nose and maybe your eyes. Your eyes can get quite sticky, red and hot, and you may feel a bit emotional and need a hug.

Sabadilla – “Achoo, achoo, achoo, achoo, achoo” 

Try Sabadilla if intense tingling in your nose triggers fits of loud, spasmodic sneezing, and you have never-ending watery mucus. Alternate sides of your nose get bunged up, moving from one nostril to another. Being anywhere near cut grass can aggravate your symptoms, and just thinking about flowers and grass can set them off. You can have red, sore, tearful eyes and feel better in a warm room. Interestingly, someone needing Sabadilla can have a parched mouth but not feel thirsty.

Wyethia – A sensation like something’s stuck in your throat and sinuses.

If you have a dry, swollen throat and feel like there’s something in it that you’re constantly trying to clear, Wyethia could be just what you need. The same goes for your sinuses, which feel prickly, dry, swollen, and like something is stuck in there. You can also have an incredibly itchy nose, throat and mouth and might feel irritable and depressed.

Next time you’re struggling with hay fever, give homeopathy a try

Before you take antihistamines, try these remedies. Homeopathy can effectively ease hay fever symptoms so much that many people who try it rarely reach for conventional medications again.

If your symptoms are intense, try taking the indicated remedy in a 30c potency three times a day. Once you get relief, stop the remedy and repeat it if or when you need to.

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