Steroid Detox Course

Steroid Detox Course

This online course is available for those who received steroids whether injections, prescriptions or as topical creams in any combination for any amount of time.  In this course you will learn how to effectively clear the negative long term side effects and body suppression that is created by the use harmful steroids using proven homeopathic methods.

About The Steroid Detox Course and Program

  • Course Cost: Contact us for pricing.
  • The Course fee does not include the cost of monthly supervision services or the homeopathic remedies required for this detox cycle.
  • Course Duration: About 8 -10  hours online, done from home at your convenience. The course fee includes a 2 hour Skype consultation to customize this Program for the person.
  • Completion:  This course must be completed within 30 days from enrollment.
  • Enrollment Procedure:  Requires the completion of a detailed Brief Medical History for acceptance into this course and program.
  • Detox Method Timeline: It takes about 3 to 4 months to complete a Steroid Control Detox.
  • All of the steroids used in the past may be cleared all together in this same time period, using a special combination homeopathic remedy.
  • Monthly Care Supervision Fee: Ongoing monthly fees apply per month for about 3 to 4 months for Course Instructor/Homeopathic Practitioner access and support. Contact us for pricing details.

More Details About The Steroid Detox Course and Program

  • The course is available for new clients living anywhere in the USA.
  • This Steroid Detox Course is available for women of all ages, regardless of the type of steroids that were used, the time of usage or how long ago it was taken.
  • The Course is taught by a seasoned Course Instructor with many years of clinical experience in reversing the symptoms of toxicity related to past steroid use using advanced homeopathic methods.
  • The Course provides detailed written dosing instructions and access to detailed online reporting as required to track per person’s progress in this program.
  • The Program includes the email based advice and support of a Course Instructor/Homeopathic Practitioner who is a specialist in steroid detox and rebalancing protocols with many cases of steroids medical suppression and the related health issues and more than a decade of practice expertise in this area.
  • Enrolled clients will have access to purchase the required homeopathic remedies that are taught in this Course.
  • This Program requires close ongoing Course Instructor/Homeopathic Practitioner supervision and email based consultation services for a monthly fee.
  • The Course fee does not include the cost of hair testing (HTMA), or the required nutritional supplements or homeopathic remedies.
  • Homeopathic rebalancing protocols, hair testing and targeted nutrient supports are taught in this course.
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