Homeopathy For Bites and Stings

Homeopathy For Bites and Stings

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Homeopathy For Bites and Stings

Homeopathy for bites and stings will help treat uncomfortable, bothersome, painful, hot and itchy insect bites and stings. Homeopathy will help heal animal bites and reduce the risk of infection.

Apis – Sharp stings and rapid swelling

This is our No:1 remedy for bee and insect stings where the pain is sharp and stinging. The site of the bite/sting is red, hot, swollen and sore to touch, all of which feel better for cold applications. This remedy is also very helpful at the first signs of anaphylaxis.

Belladonna – FIRE!

These bites and stings are similar to Apis but there is less swelling. The skin is dry and burning like it is on fire, and here is the weird bit, despite the skin being hot, hot applications make it feel better and ease the pain. This is also a great remedy if there looks to be some infection at the site of the bite/sting.

Cantharis – Blistered, itchy and irritated

Bites and stings that would benefit from a few doses of Cantharis are blistered, itchy and very intense burning. Cold applications and a good rub make it feel better.

Hypericum – Lacerations and nerve pain

Hypericum is good for insect stings and bites but is better indicated where there are substantial lacerations to the skin such as a dog or cat bite. The pains are sharp and radiate throughout the body along the nerves which are worse for touch or pressure.

Ledum –  The go to remedy for puncture wounds

If you have a puncture wound from an animal bite or sting, think Ledum first. Unlike Apis the wound will be cold to the touch and will appear purplish and puffy. Even though the wound feels cold, it will feel better for cold applications.

You can also use this remedy as a prophylactic. Take a dose or too before your garden party or BBQ to lessen the effects or mosquito bites for example.

Baking soda

A paste of baking soda and water and paste it over the itch. It instantly cooled and soothed.

All you need to do is make a thick paste with baking soda and a few drops of water then cover the affected area. You can cover it with a bandage if you want to save it from coming off onto other things but it’s not necessary, just sit and relax and take your indicated homeopathic remedy alongside. Wash it off after 15 minutes or so and reapply later if necessary.

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